mvv – do we have a response?

Since 28 June we are in the system of the Dutch migration authority (IND).

Even though the response should come on 28 September, I kept having panic attacks and on 22.08 called them.  I had a good excuse – my Dutchie changed the address during  the process, hence  was asking “do you know his address changed?” (truth is – they know! address is taken from the computer database, so once the Dutchie registered with gementee, they knew his new address.).


They not only confirmed that they know his new address, they said that sent me a response today!!!!!!!!!! I am still in shaking hands. Is this it??


Unfortunately, they do not say responses over phone, so my wine is waiting in patience… is it? is it????


Blogs about NL that I like!

Here is a collection of what I like to browse:

One post I like there:

They eat weird shit for breakfast (and lunch)

Breakfast: sprinkles which are clearly meant for ice cream – on bread, with butter and a glass of milk on the side. Lunch? Bread and cheese, with a glass of milk. You just gotta let it go. (Even though I clearly haven’t!!)For dinner they eat pretty normally. If you can call a U-shaped smoked sausage and boiled, then mashed to a pulp veg “normal”.

At the moment I can’t ever imagine myself leaving the Netherlands. I think I am here to stay. I am happy here.And maybe in another 15 years I will have finally mastered the Dutch language…or not.


There are two kinds of expatriates: the kind who move to a foreign country to seize an opportunity for a job or education, and the kind who move to a foreign country for love.

The temporary expat generally sees it as just that: temporary, a step on a career path, an adventure, but one with a foreseeable end date.

The second type, however, doesn’t become an expat intentionally. This accidental expat falls in love, and the person they love happens to come from another country, so the new couple has to choose which country to live in.

Adventures in Integration

Before and After – an Expat Meme

Before you knew you’d be coming to the Netherlands, for whatever reason you originally came to the Netherlands, truthfully how much did you know about the country?
Not a great deal, I must be honest. I knew how to say “Proost” from my tour guide days, but I knew nothing of the culture (aside from the prostitution and drug laws) and when I was very young I honestly thought that the dykes were huge concrete walls. I knew it was very flat, and the home of windmills. My mum collects Delft Blue ceramics, so that’s one thing I knew a bit about

only Facebook. Only in Russian 🙂
Про одеяла.

С подушками более серьезная история:). Поскольку треть нашей жизни мы проводим в постели, то – шутки здесь неуместны – к выбору этого предмета большинство голландцев подходят со всей возможной педантичностью. В специализированных магазинах можно полежать абсолютно на всех и выбрать самую подходящую. Цена на 100% пуховую подушку может доходить до 150 евро

classy one, I think everyone starts with it)

One post I like there:


2) They eat weird shit for breakfast (and lunch)How could we possibly expect to make a list of stuff Dutch people like and not include this perplexing little guttural-sounding word at the top of the list!You will quickly learn that Dutch people like love this word. They are fiercely proud of this word and all it represents. I would go as far to say that gezelligheid is the modern day religion of the Dutch. They love it, they need it and they respect it.

10 things I love about life in the Netherlands

7. The open mindset

There’s something special in the open way Dutch people listen to you when you talk about yourself. Self-deprecation and belittling oneself are uncommon.

And, finally: more expat blogs here!

I hope my blog will also someday be in this list 😀