Funny Duolingo – 2


Okay, today I will tell you the words that I learnt in the topic – FAMILY. YAY.

With my awesome quick drawing I show the words I kinda know by now, so now  I can use this page to revise the words))

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Funny Duolingo – 1

Learning with Duolingo app is easy. I am not sure to what extend the words stay in my brain though  – sometimes you laugh and forget waht you learnt just the next second.

Here are the examples of what makes me laugh, and what made me think. I already crawled through the basics, animals and colors, and now slowly move towards kinda real sentences.

Duolingo is a great app, and I am determined to finish it )) I started my Dutch learning way at the end of August 2015. Let’s see how I go with Duolingo! I think I will write a seperate post to review it.

On the way with Duo I encounter many things, and that is why I finally decided to share them with those, who maybe just like me, learn Dutch with Duo.

Section: #InterestingDutch

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