Kerst: words and things 

some Christmas holiday info I overheard from a bunch of people.  I personally never had Christmas in the NL: but very looking forward!

Xmas  in the Netherlands is celebrated two days in a row, 25 and 26 December. Celebrating at the eveningof 24 is not common.

Happy holidays!

Fijne Feestdagen – happy holidays

Vrolijk Kerst/Kerstfeest – Merry Christmas

Prettige Kerstdagen or Prettig Kerstmis – Enjoyable Christmas Days/Merry Christmas

And a very interesting thing I read about:


Wikipedia explains it best (but in Dutch)))

link to Wiki

gourmet.jpg (300×300)

Apparently that is very Dutch Xmas thing

When the whole family together cooks around the table! I never expierenced it myself, but very curious! I like the concept that one person does not have to cook, but you will finish the cooking together.

Christmas decorations

kerstroos- poinsettia


maretak – mistletoe


Kerstboom – Christmas tree



Een slinger



Een piek



2015 Christmas speech of the King:



It is very clear so you can practice your listetening. even though I had to google translate it. hahaah XD

Special thanks to the community in the Duolingo Dutch Learners group for responses to our qestions!

any other useful words / traditions worth mentioning? share in comments!


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