Dutch shows with Dutch subtitles!

A compilation of Dutch shows with Subtitles (Dutch). I have just found them, bookmarked, and will watch… I  hope someday  I will post an updated post. So, now that I write, I am still not sure about the quality of what I post here.

I learn Dutch for good 3,5 months (lol), and watching without subtitles is still a pain ( Ik hoor nooits!)). I also agree that watching something with Russian or English subtitles does not really help: your brain is not concentrating on Dutch.

So, after dedicated search, here is what I found to work on my listening skills:

I found these shows in ‘MEEST BEKEKEN” section, which hopefully means these ones are popular with public, nice, and watchable.

BONUS: A cool listening game to learn Dutch songs and try te HOOR IETS!

Movies that I am currently trying to find:

  • Alles is Liefde.
  • Boy 7.

Off to watch silly shows! Share your ideas or thoughts in comments! Follow tag ” #listening”for more posts on similar matter.

Dutch, I HEAR YOU!


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